About Rabbi Mendel & Chana D. Solomon

Rabbi Mendel Solomon was born and raised in London, England in an Orthodox Lubavitch family and received his ordination in the Chabad/Lubavitch educational system. He has lectured extensively throughout Europe, South Africa, the former Soviet Union, Canada and throughout the United States. Rabbi Solomon is known for his charm, wit and deep sense of compassion as well as his vast knowledge on an array of Jewish topics.  He is married to the wonderful Chana D. Solomon with whom he built a vibrant Jewish community at Chabad at Short Hills. The Solomons are blessed with 6 beautiful children, Minna & husband Pinchas, Freida, Adina, Dovber, Maya and Coby.  They welcomed beautiful grandson Etai to the family last year in addition to dog Dexter even though their 4 stray cats are not so pleased. You can reach Rabbi Solomon at [email protected]

RABBI MENDEL & CHANA D. SOLOMON were both raised in Chabad families which instilled within them an energetic drive to love and welcome everyone unconditionally.

From a young age, they both dreamed they would one day build a community, which would eternalize the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory. They yearned to foster a sense of Jewish pride – no matter the persons background or affiliation.

They have transformed the Short Hills and surrounding areas into a bustling hub of Jewish life where both young and old are excited to connect to their heritage in a fun and meaningful way.

Rabbi & Chana, along with their six children, Minna, Freida, Adina, Dovber, Maya and Coby, are proud to lead one of the most unique Jewish communities in the Greater Metrowest area marked with its warm, loving and welcoming trademark. They feel blessed to be surrounded by a community near and dear to their hearts that they consider family.