It is a mitzvah to observe the yahrzeit (anniversary of the day of passing) each year with the recitation of Kaddish and attendance at synagogue services.

Yahrzeit is not an occasion for renewed mourning, but rather a day consecrated each year to the memory of the dead.

The observance of yahrzeit should move the family to the performance of mitzvot (eg.,tzedakah or study) in honor of the deceased.  

Each year following the loss of a loved one, it is traditional to remember that person by lighting a yahrzeit candle at home. The candle should be lit at sundown, and last the entire 24 hours. Such candles can be found in many supermarkets. During the week of the yahrzeit, that person’s name is read during Shabbat services. Many people choose to come to services when a loved one’s name is read.

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