Covid Policies:

1) Due to social distancing rules, we will be offering high holiday services at several locations, with a limited amount of attendees at each service. Each service requires RSVP in advance and will include a sermon by the Rabbi. Click here for a schedule of services.

2) Seating will be configured to facilitate social distancing. Register early to ensure your spot. If a time slot is full, you may be asked to join another service time.

3) While we will try to accomodate everyone, preference will be given to paying members. The Main services are only for young adults (Bar/Bat Mitzvah) and older. There are dedicated programs for families with children under Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

4) Everyone in attendance (including children over age 2) will be required to wear a face mask from the time you enter the building/outdoor area.

5) Everyone is asked to wash/sanitize their hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizer will be available at each location.

6) It is preferable for the men to bring their own Tallit (prayer shawl).

7) People being called up to the Torah should come up but should socially distance themselves from the person reading the Torah. There will be no kissing of the Torah and the Mezuzot. We will express our love and respect for the Torah by adhering to these precautions.

8) We encourage all those who are elderly or have underlying medical conditions to please seriously consider the risks very carefully before attending services, even with the above precautions in place.

9) The buildings and surfaces will be sanitized between each service. When in the building, please touch as few surfaces as possible with your bare hands. As many doors as possible will remain open, thus minimizing the need for direct contact with door handles.

10) Stay home if:

  • You are in middle of a 2-week quarantine due to exposure to covid-19 or due to travel to a hotspot state or out of the country
  • You are showing any signs or symptoms of sickness.
  • You have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, or an excessive runny nose, cough, sneeze, shortness of breath, muscle pain (new or worsening), headache (new or worsening), sore throat (new or worsening), new loss of taste or new loss of smell.
  • You or a member of your household exhibits signs of COVID-19 or has been tested and is positive for the virus until:
  •      It has been at least ten days since you first had symptoms;
  •     It has been at least three days since you have had a fever (without using fever reducing medicine);
  •     It has been at least three days since your symptoms improved, including cough and shortness of breath;
  •     You have received approval from your healthcare provider that you may return to work/school.

We are grateful that we are able to reopen and look forward to the time when we can resume all programs and activities without the above precautions. Until then, we ask you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring that our families and community remain safe and healthy.